Jackie Thomas

Jacqueline Thomas

“Ideas are like pizza dough, made to be tossed around.” – Anna Quindlen

TEDxUND 2018 emcee Jacqueline Thomas has an appetite for ideas. A student of Anthropology and Film, Television, and Theatre, she is a 2011 Notre Dame graduate. Over the course of her college career, Anthropology stole her heart and took her to places including Ireland and Beaver Island, Michigan, where she studied and analyzed Irish and Mormon domestic spaces through historical archeology.

Since graduation, the native Pennsylvanian’s spirit of adventure and curiosity have created a rich tapestry of experiences that range from learning the ropes of running a small business at a Victorian Tea Room to performing as a mascot for a frozen yogurt company. Throughout, Jacqueline celebrated the concept of “failing forward” and not being afraid to embark on new endeavors.

Jacqueline’s latest ideas are centered around engaging, delighting, and educating current students and young alumni at the Notre Dame Alumni Association. Serving as the Young Alumni Program Director, she and her colleagues on the Marketing and Communications team apply their skills to create events and programs like “Life Beyond the ND Bubble,” a life-skills event for seniors and the “Young Alumni Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar.” Through her work, she has the unique privilege of serving recent alumni and soon-to-be ones.

Jacqueline is both humbled and honored to be the emcee of the TEDxUND 2018 event and is looking forward to hosting the audience while they “toss around” new, inspiring ideas.